Please Pass the Boiler Plate

Carniverography subsumed attention of participants. They seemed red with rage, but that's a guess. Their chairs lacked cha. I think it was ennobling to have pulled a hunger strike in situ. That was not my call. This is: chime when you are brushed by wind. Hush thinking. Then and only then will sound affect the missing squall. A tender offer may go missing before boundaries are dispatched. A thatched roof eludes the nibbling, and the rafters overarch this hall. What more do y'all want to have served here in this midst, this quarry of disintegrist? Mill towns falter in their prismic hiss. The lion's share of chateau gives a kind of glare where faultlines were. If anyone had listened, that last line would be a slur. Trees fall daily and go missing in the blur. Amid some shallow waves. I'm wading out to sea apart from thee.

Hymnal caught between a pair of mismatched hands