Calliope Nerve VIII: Why Go?

"Ink runs from the corners of my mouth. There is no happiness like mine. I have been eating poetry!" --Mark Strand

DISCLAIMER: This issue of Calliope contains adult language.

Calliope Nerve Part VIII: Why Go?
featuring Michigan's own Shawn Misener is free of charge and available now.

the little god in the yellow hat

The Booming Voice From Above:

You can either be the dying crab on the beach,
or the jankety satellite that barely holds orbit.
Your choice!
You can either be the rotten discarded love kiwi,
Or the two way speaker at Rally's that never works.

You will forever be having to pull up to the window to order.
You will forever be having to correct the order.
You will forever be having to hear my dreadful voice.

You will forever be having to be, and that's a raw deal.
My voice has shook even the steeliest of balls.
My bounty has crumpled even the ironiest of knees.
You will forever be having to be my kinda bitch.

You can know death, though.
Would you like to know death?
You can know death then.


Pleasant, no? A real no-brainer.
You will forever be having NOT that again.
I am in control, see?

You can either be the dried merlot in your toilet,
Or the hi tech plastic head to a nuclear projectile.

Get it?
You can be the last palm standing after the
next tsunami,
Or a broken support beam setting off to sea.

You will forever be having to make these great decisions.
Hooray for my questions!
Would you prefer fries with that,
Or the more sensible choice of a fruit cup?

--Shawn Misener

Other authors this issue include J.D. Nelson, Billy Jno Hope, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, and me: I'm Nobius Black.

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