Hallelujah Without Notice

Aluminum petals gush at the sun.

Yellow swish volition. A held blue symptom galvanizes the city,
reality crashes in barbed-wire brilliance.

Concocted from the stars sipping on
rumour and innuendo. Kiss the knife with
electric zeal.

Talking parasol hiss. A sick border
parlays battered DNA rouge, charred bhangra at
the point of fat, not flat.

Manifold kisses. The air hallelujahs
all the same. Wisps of a special offer
seduced by pure gnosis of flutes riding
open sky, straight-up and molecular.

Honest trickles bear recycled clay disguised as
sperm. Experience gleams in archangel trails of dream,
language recuperated from a jaundice that never ends.
Crackle void blisters this bridge of busy-signals,
pharmaceutical in their intent.

Witness the sneak-attack of serial chaos.

Burnt fantasy scampers away from the
clit of jumping up to get beat down,
stoic verbiage as theatre of
noble frogs.