Calliope Nerve IX: Introduce Me to God

"Poets are soldiers that liberate words from the steadfast possession of definition." --Eli Khamarov

Calliope Nerve Part IX: Introduce Me To God is now available and free of charge featuring Love Beth Drew:


Scratching your name into
my very bones a hidden
scar with a surface reflecting
the look on
my face
confounding as the
thought lined in
your brow
drinking your scent
like under the sink perfume
luxuriously cheap and all
too familiar
a sidelong glance
into forbidden glass
eye contact at the most
venal level
a constant tug
name your price
on guts
and it shall be soul
like a metaphoric
infection only slightly
more alluring from
comparing pictures
that I’ve seen
this new dis-ease will
have to wait its
turn the style
in one heart
and out another
leaving marks inside
each other
this ever suffering
unrequited love
role suits just fine
but as the debris
on hands and knee
keeps reminding me
I am just a martyr
past her prime.

--Love Beth Drew

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