All Morning A Fine Point Is Useless Unless Written

Cobbled in daybreak’s neon greasy spoon.
The holidays seemed possible.
For once in our lives the pistols weren’t sexual.

Inclined towards a poem.
The pistils weren’t designated.
Or even integers exactly.

Various ports entered our city.

For once in my life I thought I was Dutch.
I studied like a jeweler a diamond.
Eurydice left fingerprints in silence.

Invisible & wreck ‘em, wrote Marge on her pad.

Call her, why don’t you?
Six dire pontoons pancake her escrow.
Her home is a font period
Your jalopy’s her Wing House.

Call her. yesIwill. So why don’t you?

Nordic Trac period Involves flights from danger.
To upstage a stranger whose pose is a flute.
Adam & Eve loaf on a raft.

That answer photographs the desert.
St. John ate locust. Survived on wild honey.
That answer.