intolerable intimations

painfully self and self separate exeunt
bygone days become as intolerable as gimme
no the chemicals never gave that momentum
that om i'd scrambled after on all fours

numbed down to the slow dumbness
of staring at thumb for 14 days
slobbering an eternity of escape into
pissing myself tightness of a closed fist

as ridiculous as drag is if it's not within
48 hours pass slowly in st. avoid's release you
hospital & grill
so chattering teeth of love
can't either a given nor be as tropical weapon

return the gift if it doesn't suit merchandise
always be perishable and gone like a tattoo
when one dies forget or to forget
surround myself with curtains to re-hatch

the mama and the dada within me are all ways
at odds dysfunctionally sliding through
warring to scar more to scare intimidate
my intimations are my intimations

i fear to longer give out my phone number