Rainy Day, Dream Away (adam fieled)

It’s raining
           an incorrigible sky pouts whitely

      I never really felt so much before

about the sky, it’s “apartness”….

             to wake up on such a day is to sleep

   I sit, look down on glazed leaves

                    minute pirouettes a revelation, revolution

                                 sodden air
                                           thick concrete zones
                                      this is a city after all
                                         tire-hiss proves it
                   coming from down below

after all I’m up high, practically clouded
                     heavy eye-lids pale shrouds of “what is”
        “what is” seems irrelevant data

                               white curtains drawn across the street
             two bodies must be improvising wetly

                                            to sit on such a day is to stand

            in a squared circle of derisive un-laughter

      who knew the clouds were such serious business

           that rain could be so meta-rational