Where the Ships Die

"I want somebody to shove me."--Soul Asylum

"The thought that I could decipher your message. There's no one here dear. No one at all." --Tori Amos

Gabcast! White Rabbit - *BLACK HOLE* #4

Where the Ships Die

Sail Me
Where the Ships

my tourniquet
A Folded Earth
a bloodied paper
full of eloquence
Poetry untouched.

Used to be such
A sweet sweet thing.

Everything voyeur
(the Point)
The pattern bones
Compass due North.
just Try to
Swim among the stars

I was on the path
To Heaven
But you had to stand
In My Light.

The speed of beauty
(A falling word crashing)
A torn sail Laureate
At the bottom of the sea.

--Nobius Black