Dwindling Praxis Flounce

Outbursts of clarity slide under the foreskin. The natural position
of liquids addled and intervening. Notes glowing in full retreat, mere spoonfuls of the chromatic beginning. Any as according vividly recalled back into air-owned arias by a smoke sandwiched between petrified hills of metal and gardens of despair.

We pour that syncopation over some palindromic ago. Scarves
collapsing the notion, doing research for overflows, brown-ringed antecedents longer by the twins. The taut carcass sentenced, fetal like sleepy variants that vanish suddenly from nostrils in the city of silos. Masked pools, stony haunches flicker with disgust as they squat an invisible nexus.

This day, those eyes, another curve.

Sprinkling and vice versa mirrored in their fiery limbs.

Pastel DNA a twitch fantasy to grandeur intercourse
scrambled from a saxophone.

Head a few gyrations began strobing ends--Full over to falsetto
How cruel springs in one dancing blue--Tough, pulsing within a
Fear sentencing funnels and almost seventeen--Welcome to wheezing laughter
The sphere drawng millions of lips to visceral rupture as fossil fuel

Stretched from sky to sky,

in a confluence of stuffed closets with mummified reason. A plastic cocoon has broken at the threshold of ambient swell. Ointment madly in love with the world, a nudge from pink pills aside. Devoured, a colony of dreamers becoming that particular sun for mere spoonfuls of light. To collect in swank circuitry, to pixilate an interzone of pursed contours like pulpy nohow in the drained moment.