a strong wind explodes
from my temples tense
as manic thought
the ivory railings
of such a sultry july

the skyline that you'd anticipated
all summer long is to be found in this dialogue
lined up between us from initial counterfeit
to exposed as real as a hundred bucks
gone hand to hand read your palm
and your comments all over my lips

just like the space cadet
he's alarmed by outerspace voodoo
and too in my jeans i go
following into your eyes
some soldier trooping totally aware
of sheer magenta jungle is also me

our faces hyper you bite me horeshoes
horseshoes ouch i cry so long
it's as lovely as ice cream feeling you
feeling me figure this out perhaps she
and i will be ultimately you know
in six years ahead if she and i'm for real

-- 7-16-07, IL