DoubleAgentX: "couldhavebeen"

Our lives as a fortune
tell it as a rung is a ladder.
Weapons predict
a seized upon upper westside
my work is derivative.
Agent X arrives
at pseudo-egos
dumb as lingo’s hazard-owl,
considers inviolable radio antennae,
in other words,
a spy.
Inviolable is a poem:
her secret agent
of change. Of travel
translates a language Agent X
studies to resemble. Shapes of a form
corner her intrigues.
Everyone agrees: Agent X
fucking like a sin. Already
the plot allows.
So I says to her,
“Go ahead, direct this link.
Write along the bleakness.”
As she types,
Agent X speaks uncertainly.
Some things rave
into error.
All charge accounts laugh
as Agent X
inflates her plastic escape dingy.
clout & mystery
veer like clever from her path.
Odes to cantilever
is a mnemonic torture device
utilized by Agent X.
Does Agent X elude herself
in the ditch of understanding?
One defines
is not identical to
or the same as