i don't understand

i don't understand this moment   something busts in     everything crumbles   
what means the space between eye and eyes          something succumbs
     a man stands on the corner          he's holding a teacup sober
pinky finger raised delicately and unsoil'd          vinegar eyelashes
            she dances with what she does not understand         eyes
a spectre floats over me his wings spell 'w      e       a       r'
            i've grown weary of irony               saxophones play
insert drum solo here                interstellar caterpillar
                     the little voice that says 'we're here'
a polite conversation sunny july day everyone's giggling
why do i juggle             why must i write something tangible
               L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E is boring            'nuff said
                                             a ballerina stood
on the tip of my nose                      berlin wall
                               eyeball cafe
eucharistic wafer temple of the shutters over us
shut up               i don't understand