preaching the blues (illinois song)


roger: (sarcastically drape
eyes swinging
) how romantic
isabel: it wasn't meant to be
surely 'tis you i rely upon for "romantic"

my energy's screwed around so much so
that the sacred is obscured by black-
eyed dawns trembling enormously sexual
i want to love


my mom intentionally forgot
the name of the vegetable
isabel was visibly nervous
introspective fingernail biting


once upon a time there were 3 little dwarfs
if you squint hard enough you'll spot me there
in their mural briefs questionably shrouded
o gourds we can never possibly fathom

is dope is dope the neighbor understood
instrinsically at best the idea of guest
i sat at her table grinning grinning
like sacred mushrooms a better half of me


it is beautiful
to be sad
such a sadness
defies gravity

o give me a home
where the buffalo roam
o bury me
in idaho

o song
federico garcia lorca blues
pt 1 of 10
in illinois
it is here i am

-- 7-17-07, IL