a stream of consciousness

he is like a loitering cigarette butt
waiting to be picked up and smoked
by a wandering broken crackhead
ashamed and beaten by a crossfire of machine guns
just waiting to expode in pieces
do you understand the point of view
of a schizophrenic ladyhawk in the night's eye
a stuttering midget wow how amazing
in an obscure way dividing reality
from a fantasy island revealing so much nonsense
a woman with child facing death upon delivery
holds the truth catholic priests gather together
uniting a sacred gathering an orgy of sorts
bloodshot eyes a little boy is forced
to confess his sins a sin full of confessions
demons lurk around the fountain of youth
a battered woman cries in her stomach
lovestruck by hateful restrictions
brainbashing draining into puddles
looking down she sees his face disgraced
by solitude shooting comfort so
down into veins deranged
he seems confused sentenced to
intolerance doomed toward ignorance
set in motion so much commotion
mother singular baffled by circumstance
destroys her essence with guilt
tired beyond belief suffering
so much grief she's depleted
overheated sour grapes
dripping succulent fucking
it's all so disgusting