Calliope Nerve XIV: THE Queen

"My wealth is words. And I invested wisely in poetry." --Nobius Black

Calliope Nerve XIV: THE Queen is available now and free of charge. In grand Calliope tradition this issue features a wide range of styles and pieces by both seasoned and new creators including Melissa Lebruin, Billy Jno Hope, Zachary C. Bush, Jim Benz, Joe Nolan, and me, I'm Nobius Black.

This issue's featured artist is the incomparable Jim Benz.

A Cup of Coffee


could it be another morning?
perhaps I’m dead

oh for the climate of dreams
found lacking, found

casting aspersion
on daybreak
full of songbirds
full of meaningless
ennui or conflict, snarling
eggs be damned, give me coffee

--Jim Benz

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