Autumn's Preface

take off your clothes young one circle 'round the pain
swollen with a chaotic confetti and headhollow noise
here are old and young pretty hungry pretty in waste
pretty in no sheets to shroud pale flesh exaggerated
highly made-up frenetic long legs cherubic bottoms
delicate hands bridge bosoms paranormal eyes flashing

last night i'd dreamt your love in drunken sleep
soured into nightmares of premature departure
wake up to smoke get out of my tarantulized head
sort through the oblivion material readied for me
a rolodex of bad things no one wants really spins
the wind the wind motherfucker and things
that you'd said mad in thick dark bigboned night

inside your body stirring some framework glowing out
that me in you and you in me gentle kick head expanding
then tiny'd in the tunnel breath upon breath a brick wall
forming slowly ahead of either of us on either side
a top spins the wind purrs pearls of everlasting now
we're expecting exceptions and embraces enclosures
that you and i can sway in rosaries 'round our necks
and laurels 'round our heads bared so open totally present

she's too rough and i'm too delicate
-- the smiths, from 'pretty girls make graves'

of tires
cop car
sirens 'round

a shout
is heard
as no one
at all

drunken stumbles
from club
i heart heaney

her arms
through the air
bites sucks
my neck hard

follow me
one and all
to the palace
of love
the fleshy
we bedspin

her words erupt my face roaring waves of peacock feather
tender pleasant hand on shoulder up to the sky look where
held her closer movements happening outside in stiff suits

stood there a moment as the songrung sponge of our bodies
let a thunderstorm of nerves surging up strings heavy
through our mouths into mouths doing a mouthy thing to do

as a chandelier
i wish so hard
too much
stand there a moment

her eyes wander
in and out of
my supra-consciousness

is a sea
in her there

an empty field
is lonely
to the leaf