Phantoms For Sale

Disheveled pathetic John staggered into the empty church like a madness out of the asylum. He went straight up to the altar dragging sickness and alcoholica behind.

For five minutes he stood silently as if waiting for something to burn. The balding priest entered on time. He sat in the pew and gazed serenely upon John.

John began trembling. His eyes became haunted with restless paranoia. The priest never altered his gaze. You could almost pluck the calmness from his eyes. He seemed like he was willing to wait forever.

John began hyperventilating. He clutched his chest and struggled to speak.

"Come on son just let them out," the priest exclaimed.

John startled looked at the priest with the eyes of a zealous vendor.

"Father I've got some demons for sale," he said.

The priest nodded. "How much?" he asked.

Just one but it will cost you your soul," John replied.

The priest smiled. "Alright son show me."

John didn't hesitate.