Trowel Destiny

"Because the drugs never work... Another cog in the murder machine. They said, 'All teenagers scare the living sh*t out of me.' They could care less as long as someone'll bleed..." --My Chemical Romance

"White Trash Beautiful. I swear to God it's true. I'm coming home to you girl." --Everlast

"And she drags me to church but I'm scared to commit." --Sixx A.M.

Gabcast! White Rabbit - *BLACK HOLE* #9

Trowel Destiny

Panic Soil
LiFE flowers grow
Upside Frowns,
Crying Clowns,
Not quite nature intended.
(Man is involved.)

Old Gods wear New Masks
You, Gardener digging
Hardly take notice
Yet rooting for
that something more
Tell me,
"No big deal.
I'm looking for
Where that damn
Icarus landed

And all of my
lost days."

One tear.

a Trowel of Destiny!
Formerly known as Spear.
This the last time I go
Blind dating
With that cat with the sandals,
That dude
Named Jesus.

--Nobius Black