the butterfly collector

totally lethargic silhouettes of communication
celebrated beehive blaring going gone open like bed
be fucking alarmed draw bridges of my otherwise self
drugs fall from american clouds over belgium like candy
it's a parade get trying you scrawny lines and drink
fine minutes to reevaluate party i felt a dark night
in her pocket she's saving kaleidoscope for a rainy day
to deluxe down the quiet street i'm cosmic champagne
enters the etcetera have good make-out repeatedly
appreciate my voice really lonely shape conversation
ought we talk with sometimes the afterglow of heroin
she's death-defying the jitteriness mirror is a movie
substitute the blood for ketchup buckle your hearing
like a truant does with true daring life is a butterfly
my hands just grown two words and tiny poem lips too
that cursive factory muffins and moves stars the first
wasn't stuck on my weekends on top slide up very happy
she and a wilderness for the stairs like waves
soulmate throws a sensitive jungle at our keepers