sa pling

patience (hypothetical) feeds sliplet of an early tree (still hypothetical)
wind's actual tall evidence allows no mercy to its leaves and rapture
there are guesses anything but accidental
in the form of shadows undergirding these mammalian hands
that finger yellow pages white and green the perfect complement to virtue
estranged from source of early passion

patience is a sign of nothing but precision that escapes the heart
the heart redeems the latent mindset the one that left us unattended
has resumed forefathered eminence where it is impossible to be found (out)

every evidence of window mourns the backdrop of infected sky
nobody wants to own nobody wants to waltz into
nobody wants to jump toward from penthouse or conventional remove
"You are my sunshine, my only . . ."

(capstone course) so if I start to seem like context-free amazement
put me in a circumstance where I can run around the block
wearing a wooden sandwich board
that says I'm often flexible as silk
the body leads away from correspondence
"let us pray."