tender buttons

sporangia spoon-feed as i sit here on the sofa waiting on clara's call
she's at the club in my feet moodily ahhing ahhs or crucifixion diction
dig wore one of those black robes that you drove her dress all the way
to the mall the performance is spontaneous she's a stanza driver mascara'd
in her mystical doom buggy the dining room wore through you like being
harpooned more than fooled by an absence an aardwolf invisible-esque
in silent film each spoonful of our minds like chaplin or in each armpit
a little martyr an ascetic black coffee scurry out front like gertrude
stine spooling moonful for a second true identity true staring at me
like love when it feels purgatorial with shocking pink saucer eyes
is ideal inflection smoking a cigarette with predestination along
with genuflection that you knew how do or like all along
where it burned a hole instead of you and turned away or on