this is not the art

This is the art
this is not the art
This is the art
this is not the art
Could you//
take my//
prints for//
Do you//
have frames?//
How much//
do you// take?//

I like your abstracts//
email me//in 2 months


I am not the Internet
I am the Internet
I am Japan
I am Russia

May I whoreship at the high church of capitalism?
This is the art
not the writing of it
not the painting nor
the dancing of it
A fine art by happiness
this art of doing
I am driving to Plymouth

Plymouth doesn't own me,
It owns capitalism

As you read
this poem you become
aware you are reading it
and this is the art
not the poem

when you made your coffee this morning
you made the art
not thinking

I went to the theatre
on Tuesday February 2nd
walking there was the art
not the drama

I am an alien in my own land
Our culture is any culture
Our art is our first steps
to doing, undoing knowing
by this art happiness
by this we seek each other