Bazooka Joe

"Mockingbird, wish me luck." --Charles Bukowski

"If I am exempt from one thing as an artist, surely it is knowing what my government is doing." --Cerdwen Dovey

Gabcast! White Rabbit - *BLACK HOLE* #10

Bazooka Joe

Truly, Truly,
I say to you:
A comic in ever piece.

No words for
far too long.
Punch drunk now.
(Alcohol induced
horizon event.)
Brain pull/
not even -Light from on High-

More whiskey!
Puritanical Bukowski
--that Spontaneous bastard--
Make me wanna combust.
Let's burn together!

A likeness; a semblance; a mock appearance; a sham;
-- now usually in a derogatory sense.

My ink brother:
I copy/clone DNA.
(never be You.)


a Scar on a Stage,
momentary Pop star...
Prima donna poet Joe
Questing for immortality.
The internet changed everything.

I like to blow
pretty pink bubbles
before the taste
wears out.