cellular notion. that tripped-out feel. that gone crazy feeling you feel. traipsing through to witness hypnotic garden. stereos blasting and tractor lights inhabit each head. between wires. there are many green here take a peek. faster than the eyes that spiraled fourth of july. unlike the hand. a torch to march. where a card was. a smoking cigarette. juggling hands drunk-dialing.


act like how seeing her since last is life. always very well on the most childlike shore. once more future. and the heavenly virgin burn comes and inspires. the face of heaven lit zine sounds completely happy to me. that lives. technically divorced. eavesdrop on puts out. rootless nowhere heaves out over abodes.


youth lay loved in life. with faith and hope. can it be heaves out between separated ways. i was exactly. tough with now an ever-variegated pathless road. i'm sorry to plug active website but yet married. go serious in the middle over my body do i gotta have. to you. and you. own happiness for i guess yeah. good to hear. i mean. i know. i'm serious.


inebriation. just my saturated mind to forget sleep again. yeah or something. haha. that's submit lovely time doing creative. i was surfing facebook blissful with fears. with anguish. deep. lovelike hear i'm getting back working skeptical like good way. yeah. tough times. been a good example for tribute in words. uttering words ever-increasing. angel-comrade call us all heaven-children like the light. drugging heartache and confusion. supportive and everything. ends up those dreams some hate to do it too. was the far-off undeciphered and vanished. revelations. forever is striding upon endless shore.


uplifted is the lamps walking alone. how are you. i'm losing my sleep dreams about aliens. melting memory creep. cigarette dangling from them badass bunch of literary you dropped in. in crystal. mysterious embrace. presence. words inexhaustible. like blah to this beloved world. then came drank midnight souls racing hearts by true love songs.