Soaked In the Platinum of Nevermind

Everything Simultaneously/Please Remind My Molecules

cellular openings. the fifteenth galaxy refuses to be silent

and then splitting us to flicker teeth,
the crystalline horizon as flesh to where it is all imagined

Oil of Concubine/Equation the Skull's Mosque

increasingly, iam an apostle, the sea's stroke of genitalia. it's
cracked now, like ghosts, its messiah a blank mind. i still admire
your electronics, how they swim so effortlessly through the boulevard
of my hair. female rhetorics the formed eye, swung softly, quickly
into lofty, cosmic tongues that window alchemy

approached lunacy, the pop of vivid socketry
here once, leftover hydra narrowed between slits and history

Iam Only An Hour/Long Semen Below

catechism jazz. we danced moths and the paraphrase, so
broken jaws wandering the library's lonely coagulate over
rain times wings, hunger, curling days. she purred her arms
to me, the way epistemology means a golden calf, trellis enough
for two

petals that dial much more than focus mode. siblings to molten
the city's mission to Mars. token abdominals, variants assembled
in twelve hours or less, Trotsky below fahrenheit's pile of
choked meat. my oxymoron extracted velour from her orgasm and
prodded earth from her theories, long-forgotten moistures
her parted constellation to sift through the swelling

Four Vialled Abstractions

the vague delivers ancient roads to tangent again

red dreadlocks are a serum to me, warm and finally

parallel to holes that light up whenever her pyramids

fractal, two for the price of one

purple harmonies return optically, a money plucked in dissonance,
lust from the trees that triangle and scrape her vulva. the jargon
is barefoot, dressed in a trace of air. adrenaline not meant to decode,
shaken manifestos directed against bones that froth between our fingers.
spirals of devotion, and i fly faster into gaping eyelashes, all images
received while hiding in time's shared source, glossed bones and nodded
contour. gestures data their arrogant signs of neon bleeding sighs and
hymns for marrying carbon's other computer in my brain

Crucified Machines Diurnal The Fabric of Geomancy

try to believe effervescence isn't a dinosaur, chides and overhang,
as visceral as the meaning of space.

iam already a new literature, a smile seeing some blondes today, oh boy.

glass shards whisper the new paradigm, ecstastic howls that menstruate
ancient violins and hue beside her on the bed.

doesn't anyone soak their allure in the platinum of nevermind anymore?