Docent Things Provoke Lines

Squirrel brainwashed
Squire murders mega-pixel salon owner kills boy 3
Girl six

Signing wave upon wave of fanatic amber grain
Conclusions alter mighty Joe Young & his echo
In Umatilla orange grove

The soda was flat

I came to a closet
& split

Too much Pop boner edicts for a good sled along bumpy ride
In Florida
The turnpike appeared to have said
True things
To a follicle or mass

Come winter &

Avec the sluices
Between townies

Ranch house among ping pong native colonials
Doing disco still
Meeting chow hound while South Beach & Atkins survive
Mass grave at lake side condominium
Assign evening a gloomy casting

Treacherous housewives
Cross blvd

I hope I am

Ma & Pa’s ‘60s Present:

Bird with a Difference

A horn
Round the

Hobbled translucent goading ‘70’s watermark archive seduces
Spa in the den only lunar possesses
Elixir gone mad

I goof with the signal

The cable’s my guide

Reasons for living:

AUTO MAKERS bleeding stock market dough
Is not good enough a poem
[Includes brackets]

Genetically altered irradiated vegetables
May feed increased numbers
Is next to godliness

Docent thing provokes lines catalytically alive
A dream out of matter

Open can misses lid

The cat has to limp

To sponge vegetables clean of earth & insect feces

A cow poke’s a product
Anxious for king maker

“It’s all the clean you’ll ever need!”

A swami or snail shells

A voice out of dusk

A soap dish is running
Surreal with spoons