from "the BOOK of HOW"

how they picked their role-model companies
how you would launder money and hide it
how they help each other overcome their personal weaknesses by relying on the other’s personal strengths
how corrections were made by striking out a faulty passage in ink and stamping the correction in the margin
how private detectives make up stories on the spot and have to adjust
how to force people to download PDF documents (or other formats) rather than
how he got drunk and threw up
how the therapist evaluates and interprets dreams phantasies etc. in the absence of a personal analysis
how everything actually started
how to avoid disastrous (and embarrassing)
how ice cream came to be
how to tackle instead
how you became a travel editor
how they see them of how they interpret their gestures
how to traverse it
how your mother and everybody knows you were
how she came to write it
how the "inertia of history"
how to actually construct the park what materials you will need and how to acquire
how the various borderline thinking mechanisms work
how amphibians contribute to human medicine
how much the Air Force truly knew about the UFO phenomenon in the 1960's
how to succeed in science
how fragile he really is despite all
how pissed you were
how a sleeve should look like
how the primitive envious feelings are revived
how people see
how her life drifted into drug use and general lack
how he runs upstairs at midnight after a new show to read the reviews
how changes in the grammar of a unit within
how a university responds
how things got so messed up would be a small book