My Father Said Some Things Like Light

My father said some things like light
kills germs.
He was an economist who rose
to the occasion
constantly sans brass fanfare
and bearing
gifts instead.

My father loved
his own jokes although less than
who we each were, are, will be.
My father was in love
and spoke in love
and practiced looking,
hearing, saying something,
slipping soft donations
to the unsuspecting, and
erasing each such gesture
by the sound of peace.

My father was an eminent
decider and the brain in him
contaged its way to
children as he matched
his life partner
who spoke perfect
philosophese. She lambed
his hurt and she was equal
to his notice as her recognition
laced with shared discernment
made it also to felt speech.

My father said some moments
into loving history.
Tamed ferocity of feeling
in his heart, translating
beauty to a field and sharing
every small percentage of
the acreage. Wanting, seeking,
cherishing the moment
and repeating it,
as moments in their way
would constantly and faithfully