Quotes from Unquotable Sources' Lulu Street Entrance

The matrix of ages lays waste to the streets
Runs guns out of Macy’s


The Latin’s in ruins
Shoots off its mouth

A churl on infamous wig night
I swell among peonies
I dose my old image

A side dish of dada
Appears out of Lucite


A seventh lodestone angles at distance
The mind of a kilo

The language falls sideways
Toppled by lodestones

A rope round the yard
A lanyard on Hye St.

After all it is august


My shoes seem aware

My henchmen’re herons whose gonads
Speak ladders


I clamor

I lack but
A doll’s head

I’m fluent
In water


Potato salad screen door follows antiquity
Singing of summer

& murder with dentures has long skinny arms
Sick little clues

I wonder whose
Nexus stands over there

Today I make tuna
Toasted up nicely

Dada’s a fire door
Open when closed


The outlaws ride west meaning dada’s poetics
Not water’s a bus

Grange & butte rise up past the moon dogs

Stop canvassing outlaws!


In Lawrence Ferlinghetti
One is a mirror
Sounding like joy

He shapes all the apples
Till one has a voice

I come & I go
Licking my chops

& still I won’t drink
The lake has no fish