Apple Peeler

rustling with the idea of monogamy
crushing on a lobotomy victim
bruised wrists criss-crossed bubbly texture
a moron disguised as a gentleman
bellowed thunder storms ignite
his mistress danced to her own cackling
allowing betrayal
her beauty marks reveal
black moles climb through
with spikes to combat
batting her eyelashes
electric blue
a web so fine its undetectable
open for interpretation
surface cracking
tiny ants scurrying in separate directions
overlapping intertwined
spelling out
penis erect looking for
pissing in the snow
photograph mistaken
sends it over my space
"he's an artistic type"
she clears her throat
to confess her sin
he interrupts thrusting
cock down throat
disturbing images
she milked her teats
like poranas
bent outta shape
bluntly put
absurd and totally annoying