Australian Red

(for Mark Young)

She used to quote Indigo
Girl lyrics and yet
I didn't run
(at least not then) in fact
I liked that I helped
Her take life less
Seriously (and how can I
Forget pulling to a stop in Terry's
Little red car as three laugh with tears
Rolling after I say 'Its only your life
So what if you fuck it up?') though these days
It all feels very serious indeed
Last night for instance
Was no fun at all
But I know I am still
Better off than most
Better than I was
Two years ago when the big bridge
Held a romantic appeal
A historic appeal and you know how
I love history I mean
Books have been written about that
Bridge and those who have climbed it
And I've had long talks with cops about how many
(Not for nothing they built the million dollar barrier)
But there were other bridges close at hand
(I took comfort in that) if things got to such
A stage but thankfully
They never did and I hardly ever
Think of her anymore or think
About those days looking
Up at those great metal struts or
About the three guys in that red
Car or about the Indigo
Girls though at one time (I rarely
admit this) I had most of their albums
And I heard
Their hit the other day
While choosing red wine
With the former Prime Minister who seemed
To be thinking of bridges himself
Buying his bottle looking older
And spoke to no one save
His lone body guard
Who had a thingy
In his ear.