infinite spring

the rattleman's patterns went on through the dawn
the dewy sidewalk and the waiting there in your pussy

collapsible lawns distant tents things that i can see
where were you when the shit rode on forever like spents

and the cancer and the awkward lawns you'd stood there naked
and the distance that you'd rode along looking for love in toasters

in black pills and vicodin angels praying there like a tumor
like a rumour'd spread across everything and no one cares

like eyes that just sat there staring stupidly to sleep
like eyes that just got lost in the fans' whirl and swoosh

like the cities'd rolled on forever lost in their trance
hands down pants and it just went forever in the sleep

stupider than death with its glances plays footsie in its trance
and what's the hours that went on forever in the blare of sleep

and the lips on the man who lisps said cancer and the nearly
biblical awkward lawn that dances upon no sleep and nothing resting

of the churches that stand there when no one's listening
of the hours drunken washed away in the plays footsie with death