the no city street

hills spoke of distant things - hours of women chatting on sidewalks that stretch on forever - forgeries walk away - odd confessions - odder and number at her door - holy pettings outside on bench - there're stars are far away are of course things that i cannot see - torn between photographs - of awkward positions of awkward glances or my foot upon hers and we're forever - i won't repeat - i won't stand stupider than standing there - i won't stand naked there - i won't stand staked there like a sacred scarecrow - he's even far more attractive than andrew? - and what does he sit being stupid there? - and what does he drink drinking there and thinking stupider? - and why's his furniture running away on spider legs? - and what is in las vegas? - and what's his bubbly drinking? - and what's this impostor standing staked in his place? - and what's the music that runs on forever like green day? - and what's his fascination with intangible things? - and what's his holy legs doing there crossed in the shit? - and what's forever in the nothing? - i stand there intangible with my glance in the shit and the stars and the collapsible - i stand just where you are but i wasn't you then on the no city street