matriculate to snow

distance susceptible to
containment comes
to be felt

I walk the quad ago
infinity like
the folder in my hand

vivacity in body
holographical professor
tranced in Northrop Frye

a secondary source
and any breeze there is
at four a.m.

still whispers
back I have
not felt primary
feeling toward

I seem to have ex

hearth made happen
-stance no one I talk to
wants to understate

the layers of tense
and neutral
panes of ice

glands in my psyche
chafe the nice mind
I have
read about

for now
alarming zeroes change
the quality of intake
breath corresponding
to soft mention
of god as limber
spree of free time

tethered to my neck
the secret longing
not to speak
and to feel heaven

is this hearth
so portable I can be
anywhere alone