1. Write/read a poem that is torture to both the reader and the

2. Waterboard a sonnet.

3. Climb on a poem and take it for a spin around the block.

4. Read the first word of a poem and then every other word
thereafter. Then read the second word and every other word
thereafter. How do the two readings differ?

5. See the poem as a mountain. Plan your ascent to the peak
and then your descent. Don't forget your oxygen.

6. View the poem as a hole you're digging. How do you know
when to stop? How far down do you go? How do you get out
once you've stopped digging?

7. Write the poem backwards, and then make it make sense,
or not.

8. Imagine the poem to be a city that lies beneath sea-level.
How do you prevent its being flooded the next time a
hurricane comes along?

9. Imagine the poem as a hurricane.

10. Put your poem (or someone else's) through basic training.
Teach it to march. Train it to kill.