Blaspheming with Lurlene

when the daylight starts to dive
beneath Midwestern doldrums
and I am resigned to own them all my life
I venture to the lifeline of Lurlene

when retractions travel fast enough
for glee to be refunded
I decide to chew the fat
with Ms. Anxiety herself: Lurlene

a cable network isn't worthy of my lifetime
but I better how I feel
when turning left into the dampness
where awaiting is the queen Lurlene

insolvency is habit forming
says her nibs in fitful repartee
I pray under my breath while
I await arrival of Lurlene

in a moment of nutrition I collapse
under the weight of others' yearning
just as sustenance becomes the weak link
to the nefarious warm inklings of Lurlene

I wash dermatological invective
left unstrained while being poured
baptismally across the young scrubbed foreheads
of the rancorous Lurlene