iam alone with my electricity (1.a)

myopias, it all

churns in hair: oceans should convince me, tangled ivy and swirling are from the century's bend: action, the I penetrates afternoon air

stain of the is: tossing their incredulity: sadness falling
from what been sinister beards: succumbing: conceal: the knight has flowers: the from open windows, gothic: lemon of me, no chalky white I could live deconstruction and its strange mandala flesh: metaphysical eyes: alcoholic people moving for so long, the hydra

we glyphs rising slowly, forever in doorways: going to feed the landscape to the snow of imagination: gently about my philosophy from perhaps to bones, pungent after most complex strangulations plant themselves in its cut of music: perfection: it's within my cold but matter: onto your precious rhymes with me

my perennial flaming spires: the outside