Calliope Nerve Media Presents Edward Wells II's hawrs

The great poetry experiment continues as Calliope Nerve is proud to present Edward Wells II's HAWRS. Download the e-book now, free of charge.

"HAWRS" is the latest collection of poetry by Edward C. Wells, produced and distributed by Calliope Nerve- an independent press whose editors have taken an interest in the use of new and changing technologies to connect readers and writers.

The experimental poetry of Edward Wells II is another example of Calliope Nerve's support of diverse and non-traditional approaches to both publishing and the production of creative content. This latest offering will both amuse and perplex.

In "HAWRS", Wells has made use of various tools that manipulate text along predetermined parameters (exclusions, fields) and applied them to the texts of content that he has selected. Commonly called "cut-up", his methods seek to change the way that a reader will interact with the work and derive meaning, as the context is de-emphasized and the burden of conveyable ideas rests, necessarily, on key words. He uses programs that are available online to modify the text from the original arrangements which he then edits to produce his poetry. Wells does not stop at text with his experimentation, choosing to manipulate sound as well, spoken words transcribed into text. He has manipulated the internal arrangements of articles, and also the positions by halving content and rearranging them.

Wells shows what can be done with words, and pushes us to take another look at the ideas we hold onto regarding linear structures.

--Lynn Alexander (The Sphere, Full of Crow)

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