The Best Day I can Imagine

You are here.
Despite my mis-love of clouds and impending rain,
It is cloudy and has rained.
It may continue raining.

We have had guests.
Each guest was lovely.
We laughed and each tone of the laughter
Made us feel less likely to give up or be ill.

The guests have left.
We have the place to ourselves.
The football game is over, and the coach.
the loss was not embarrassing; we almost won.

Tomorrow is still Sunday.
There is time replete with lack of scheduling.
The coffee place is open then.
Our computer keyboards fit our hands.

The mystery I have read was good.
I am number 07 on a list of 108 people
on the Phoenix Public Library list
To get the book just out I have to read.

Weather complements reading, writing, drawing.
There is so much to talk about.
You are interested on the latest incident
Regarding a sports figure.

My yogurt is being drained into very firm
Greek-plus yogurt some people call "yogurt cheese,"
but which I call the sine qua non of breakfast food
with apples, cinnamon, and flax seed.

The present tense keeps nourishing itself.
People keep saying I look young.
I keep eating apples, firm yogurt, etc.
When I breathe I think of you.