When you are counted out be luminous
I was never one to cream for patriotic drivel
Who did you kill for herdsman?
I fired my first volley into the heart of turbulence
the panic was deafening.
shine or burn mister world citizen
There was a day and a half cage once
I slipped out into Brooklyn
for the piper's view
Charon followed sniffing the timeline
He rows when he rows
none more penitent
than fools in majority suits
Cut to scene 2010
take one in a majority world
You have the right to be counted out
of the divine page
For the right to be human?
For the right to be wrong
Scene ends with an animal search in Newark

Did Ginsberg howl?
He knew what he kn owed
I know what I owe
September prayers and no apologies
for being luminous in the shade.