Statement (Studio Mix by pak-in)

STATEMENT by pak-in

The run of history in a thick soup of rain
The brown colored condiment in a clear bottle
The inexpensive aftershave and give away shampoo
Two pairs of runners on a canvas chair.

An empty tin
Unironed shirts
Traffic sounds rattling in the moist breeze
A historic evening of words surrendering
In the mouths of politicians in sombre dress
Grey hair dyed dark
Tasteful tie with moderate knots,
The co-ordinates of sincerity in the eradication of war.

Television-dressed leaders, consigned by history
To a passionate cause, lining pockets, in the equality
Of flags and parades, a jumble of yesterday’s news
Holding the chips for tommorow’s game; cold-coiled
Reality a level of talk and trust constantly tied, tested
And untethered by events, departure and return,
The simplistic consistency of two tribes, vying, in wait
For a sign of belief in each other’s rights
In the conflicting song of a patriot dead, dying for truth
And lies put into our heads, centuries of silent wrongs

And bloodthirsty rites.