babbeln (vergil+me)

by guido monte

(vergil, petronius, me)

il puer novus di virgilio

"babae, babae!"
said trimalchio
et la lumière luit dans the darkness
and a child now coming into the world
the light shines over the darkness again
hederas passim
khob, no ké resid bé bâzâr kohné shavad delâzâr
clinging ivy, helicrysum,
lotus and smiling acanthus…
turgid milky dugs
the goats bring back to the fold
and no feared
the big lions are to be any more
when the new is in, the old is out

la luz, no pueden sofocarla
the snake disappears and
no reason for existence has
the deceitful poisonous grass.
the light, indeed, that can’t be off

«róba, pródajeteli?» «né,dósta»
when the time has made you a man,
the helmsman, withdrawn from the sea
his pinewood ship,
leaves the trade routes,
each land capable to produce
the necessities by itself
(“do you sell goods?”
“no, that’s enough!”)

and parcae dixerunt saeculo: mahlip
speed up these times
whispered the parcae,
in step with the will of fate
the new age was asked a change

iau, atti, attunu, mamma, mala bašû
and now look at the world,
the earth, the sea, the deep sky,
everything relieved by the newborn time

(everybody, everything, you... i...
all that exists)