Samples from There Is Something Missing in the Whole Transaction between Us

From: Zeros Degrees from My Journal

pg 6:

Modality’s rigorous industry

of beeswax unjarred

implicates words

& words’ de rigeur—

dry axe handles have yards of it

Pg. 12

Words as witness

to something
as yet not present

Hymns across eyes

Tree line of tree stumps

A path wide & long
Not down & into

& God a pose
derived from Nature

is to know shade
& stone pier off it

Pg. 22

A direct route being—

April 10th: brown earth

softened by snowmelt

but opposed to words

Who is it stands here

in view of—

dart of a thrush

flew over w/ black wings

It's dive though brief

Pg. 26

Esteemed at the decrepit old smoke shed with character out behind the little cabin in the woods one blinding afternoon "eclipsed” accrued funds
The sun was a bond accruing interest
banked by progeny of hope & infinite ruin

& out there beyond hope
& infinite ruin were thickets of twill eves
& tales of infinite ruin—
antiquity rhymed with dignity (parenthetically Emersonian)

An aesthetics
both yonder & onward inquiring:
how does one petition one’s sovereign
while plummeting to ( h )earth?

from Paranormal Woman

Paranormal Woman #6

Engaged gaunt photoelectric
luck on the river of luck etc (as is)
designates prime factors
she values like Barbie Dolls.

Only relics gladbag electronics
pandering to offshoots
rigged (by her) since 1880 & upwards.

Since 1880 & upwards
her total of no wards remain
(sci-fi) unconquered.

Deeds quantify etc (as is)
like variables at Stop & Shop,
or tap shoes she demonstrates
at (gothic) Thom McCann.

Distance plows her mute oops!
of war (horror) beneath oops! I sd I'd
write, didn't I? & so I shall!

Her hat--a conqueror--
copes wildly in heads
what a conqueror becomes.

Paranormal Woman #7

If you strike it, yr highness.
(Postmodernly with flint.)

& if it sparks.
(A postmortem with lipstick.)

Strategies become wavelengths.
On foot.
The saddle-dreams-catching-fire.
Of Nietzsche's Man & Superman.
Singing like straw.

(Though to sing as straw.
You must believe as straw wld believe.
Then masturbate in disbelief.)

Keep in mind, yr highness.
Exiles are iPods stooped to in groves.
Their music is evidence.
Explosions rush to exclude.

If email is careless. (Too Coolidge
to piano.)
Then delete is yr option.