other thoughts in little pieces of paper

by Guido Monte
traslated by Gabriele Contino

december, cold wind, a neighbor at the window; news of dead on the paper without acquitted or saved, just charon on his black sail, in front of the river-ocean.

there are no faults to share, but only pauses as a price. even if walls fall down, we still think about just our survival, we are not interested in any reason for living anymore.

here is an elementary thought: even children drink radioactive water in iraq, if the depleted uranium of the bombs reached aquifers… and they do not drink it just in the weekdays, but even at christmas and easter, while people of west celebrate with champagne and mineral water.

pero nosotros no podemos mas ser niños. no mas. we cannot be children anymore, definitely.

theology: can you tell me about that phocomelus child who claps his hands? Ou s'agit-il seulement d'un phénomène, comme les disciples du rien ou ceux da la matière pensent? si può “ragionare” su quel battito di mani? est-ce que l'on peut "raisonner" sur ce battement des mains? Is it possible “reasoning” about that handclap?

Franch and Spanish words: translated by Silvia Dello Russo and Olga Milazzo.