cheek oh Cris, cc, i know America has plenty of good folk.

(Originally a second comment and first reply to Anglo American poet cris cheek on his Facebook.)

Oh no, i kno America has plenty of good folk, i am not really bashing 'america', but the teaturd astroturfed Koch brother Stockholm syndrome brainwashed trailer-trash and wealthy racist scumbags like The Donald, that claim America as this paradise city on a shining hill that slaves are happy to live in. 'And, isn't it great, wasn't slavery great'; with all the satirical energy of Amiri B my all American hero.

As we witnessed with the emotional O'Bama rollercoaster, if there's someone speaking sanely, everything will not go back to ten times worse than Bush II times. I pray the spirit She is that made me write with hands across this keypad, hears our prayer from her one true son and creator of the AIPS all island poetry slam in Dublin ds - to swirl the human souls within the foolish greedy legal counters trying their openly hardest so, to force four more years of repugnicon brainwashing and bullshit of the electorate's consciousness, and that by s/he they get woke up, by the words of those with the intelligence to adequately ridicule and paint with words the truest satirically accurate picture/s that connect with the electorate in the way one's 2008 start of writing in America and dress rehearsal with O'Bama, did. When Good America was loving and victorious.

So happy and relived was i a poem came with 'not a jot of wind to stir the leaves / this hush November night / only fourteen silent ghosts from a gaol down the road / whispering of slavery and subjugation / inequality and doubt / that the freedom of humanity's inalienable / democratic right / to believe this love now in Kilmainham / John MacBride and Pádraic Pearse, / Thomas Clarke and Éamonn Ceantt / is the poetry unfolding on a cold November night // Con Colbert, Joseph Plunkett, / Seán Heuston and Willie Pearse / who move within the canopy / dissolving tyranny and fear // James Connolly, Seán MacDermott, / Michael Mallin and Rosa Parkes / faced on a bus in Alabama / Little Rock - Arkansas / and on the day of execution of the life but not idea / blah blah doggerel, dondulldo Swords vomit. Good luck, adieu, may we all live long and get to shit on Donald Trumps wig and wipe our ass with Ted Cruz's birth certificate. Slainte.