To Satan (2nd Draft)

Let it not be said that his rhetoric drifts
   out of focus on Earth for a casual minute—
nor that just retribution is not terribly swift
    for those who disrespect his intimate business;
as the new mother, tethered away from her child,
      meths up, eats what she doesn’t want
           to mortify dread that she might be other
      then a perfect Satan’s gofer, brain-washed, wild—
          infanticide-schemes, inverted taunts,
              floorboards arranged under carpets, like gutters.  

Pentagrams engraved on truth, justice-seats,
    masks woven wanly of paint-wearing flesh;
abattoirs filled with poison-dwarf sweets,
     histories chopped out of infants, made mesh.
What are they scripting: for who, for what?
    That all the false idols, set in a line, might dance
       tangled, backwards, to all that they dread?
How is he drifting? He’s straight, he’s shut
     against any heart holds a  heavenly chance
         of imposing their visions, getting vicious in bed.  

You’re a ruddy old Big Man Downstairs, you,
   fibs so jejune I can’t hear but to laugh—
your buttons are pinned upon somebody who
    mistook all the fame, and the fortunate path.
Why governments swoon before truth is clear—
    you set the bar too high, and low at once,
       no innocent cleric can face all the dumbness—
why all of these drones from downstairs, not here,
     can’t say a lick out of being a dunce,
       define for the ages what being a bum is.