Bardic Bulletin's Mirror Shaded Dolt State


Overheard in the social-media mind of a Fake U language luvvie speaking secret intelligence to the community culture and homeland Herself.

"Yeah, like we have to worry about Russia hacking European elections. Oh no, sorry that's the Obama CIA, as recent mass corporately censored news by Wikileaks prove.

And the German intelligence report from the seventh of this month that the US millions will not hear reported from the mass-media agents hysterically birthing a new Fakenews narrative in the immediate post-truth collapse of H.&C. straight after the election results, oh no no no no no, you will not know this real news from the mouths of the central anti-intellectual liabilities, Tapper and Cooper: that there is no evidence of Russian disinformation.

What we do know, as Russian Foreign Minster Lavrov reminded the audience in Munich earlier this week, and that you cannot read reported anywhere across the US Fakes news media operating under a true news blackout: the Americans with six, or is it eight hundred military bases across the world(?); did hack and tap Merkel's phone, and most other European leaders, spying on US 'allies', and with potus 44 only promising to stop after Europeans found out about it.
And, of course, it is considered no big deal and to be laughed at because as far as US liberal me me meers and more more Murkrons are concerned, the US of us has never left intellectual teenagehood, because when yohl hack and tap it magically doesn't count, matters not a jot, because ya'll have the minds of brainwashed children with infantile anti-intellectual standards that are totally antithetical and to the cornerstone US principles of free speech and democracy, and on show to the world in all the very very angry and divisive globally destabilizing Russia ate my homework belief in nonsense and 'fake news' invented by a handful of slimy anti-American globalist grifters to deflect from the anti-Americans in bed with the Russians lies and crime/s they committed when they sold the very same folk they are laughably failing to paint the commie reds they want the US millions to conceive as, those they sold 20% of US uranium to through a Canadian front bank; because the people lying to us demanding immediate banning and censorship of 'fake news' do not want to address in person and speak about the true news of the millions of dollars they received in 'donations' from the Russian beneficiaries of the sec of state's decision - to her fake 'charity', half a million for an hour of lies spoken by a predatory forty something serial philanderer that 'never had sexual relations with that' waffle; and all not declared, even though Her Majesty pwomised. 
And revealed not by the intelligent and morally truth-loving upright US Facebook millions in the hawkish and outraged certainty of an ugly mass mob of clueless misled fact-free neo-liberal Facebook war-hawks claiming to be all about equality love tolerance and unity, furiously spewing hate and demanding change by clicking online for the removal from office for treason of a fresh intern and seventy year old orange faced apprentice and commandeer in chief.
More passionate about the crime of Caitlyn Jenner being turned away from the ladies at the Oscars, than the solitary cruelty meted out to a suicidal Chelsea Manning, avid lip-service luvvies more consumed with an irrelevant distraction of gender and identity rights than world peace and knowing the truth from the false notes in the music of what happens. No, these true stories and real news is not served up to the world by  a handful of shallow Hollywood elites and their Fakestream media co-dependents, angrily lashing out now at the common silent conservative (with a small c) majority, lecturing us on everything from what they are wearing to world peace and pedophilia. 
Standing up for a convicted pedophile when it is an elite film director, and viciously dismissing as a moral disgrace a victim of it if the victim is a young gay English libertarian firing up young conservative republicans with the politics of Free Speech and not much else that he spouses.
No, not these Reader, but one man caged in a small room, confined to a speck of this earth in a tiny bubble surrounded on all sides by the deepest most unsecretive corporate military industrial state, one sole voice from seven billion, imprisoned in cruel conditions, unable to leave in half a decade and more, all because of US foundation wreckers and grifters that just wanna drone, blow up and silence this one eight billionth part of humanity, without which none of this truth would be broadcast, because s/he is the only one brave enough to expose their espionage with Russia. And the very rats, as rats do, accusing the other side of the crimes they committed. You dirty rats, you dirty Democratic rats.

It was, of course, which ya'll not know cuz real news aint ever reported by the six corporations and primary deep state planks in the skeleton of globalist religious war and death masquerading as LGBT friendly bathroom-concerned freedom of speech luvvies;  © Obama with H&C America that hacked sovereign European states for the purpose of influencing the outcome of our elections.

As a far more adult, intelligent, and sensible sounding European Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov told us, and who a pathetically sad and tragic teenage-minded deep state telegenic Skull and Bonesman death-hawk, J.K., looks like a clueless child in comparison to; in Munich earlier this week":
The German (CIA hacking and tapping Merkel's phone) story was shown to be a fact. You know when it happened, several years ago. It was confirmed that top officials had had their phones tapped. And the other day there was a leak showing that the 2012 presidential election campaign in France coincided with cyber-espianage on the part of the CIA. And talking to a journalist today, a CIA representative said that he had no comments to offer. So I repeat: show us the facts.