Twad Nut Swervile Tai Soer le Ser Live

A sed a hip hop di hebby hubby hobby happy
c'mon groove, my friends, we are gonna move
our arms eyes feet hand legs mouths tongues

Ye seanchai, I am Wondy Mic, and I'd like to say
Hi yohl, to the boogie bang bang the boogie,

boody to the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie
the beat. Now Wundy Jocksen wuzzah reet nice

Ampomian pwofeshnul pro-sting poo-whizz
neologist ov swayt fiok yaarghl. Period. "A kno

painriods" Terole Wundy Jeckstrop Jokeson
toilet Doer Swivel solution, it's a little arcé mian

'n doer main naim bard the lowest grade doer
bard lorge in the tua diswayt eff yule en divmo

anjah gerrim summat kwikly wonna tua le Nu
Karedoshionly ollaire 'scorner' aps Kenzdré,

Jenzdul, Birdcat Kween Kwim Karedoshionly,
lionly loinly app it She said: "He said there is

 no reason for this", Bernz-Cerdoshi-oaw'nly
Kan-Wei Tao-Bong The Gob "I" Ampo

'dunno not bovvered' heeding to speak ih
Wan Kei Resistance bai luv luv luv waves

Yéaargh wei king high we leap She is love
love luv Wan Kei every time we meet,

most days & sing one thru the Wei of Five
 Yégrándmaster Flashes and Messrus flikes

flesh flyte 'atz a hip hop di hebby hibby
bang bang 'I got a little face and a pair

of brown eyes and all the ladeez i do
hypnotize': Kendz, Jendz, Bendz, Berndz,

hottaz than Jendz 'n Kendz buh no Bendz,
Kwifvren Fawndzion is there, Kwefrinz

Fandzy Kerdashionly on Fookbace fake
tweets mocked up in poo-stings of hip

hop ye hibby de hebby hibby hip hip
hoppa ye don't dare stop c'mon alive

yaarghl gaiz giv me worrih goht de daargh
hibby bang bang a boogie say Hup!

jump the rhythm of the boogie de bayt
to the rhythm of the boogie di bayt.

Now what you hear is not a test, I'm
crapping tua di beet beet so unique

I'd like to say "Hello', to the black tua
di brune to the Wan Kei way to purple

and yellow slammin mental patient
drisac bard, 'sticks in the face of all'.

Thorn bae Berndz & Bendz double deep
states R Us massive penetrations &

deepest of deep deep states duzzih
and they all make porntoobz what it is

today and they overturned the porntoobz
industry or summat and made it worse

and more a pwofeshnul ecosphere
in which open deep state penetration


massive peroppa woppa dildo sized
jumbo jets Benjdovaz Karedoshian

gets going into at Menstorz Kirdoshiam's
massively extended turgid whopper

Ampo biz socked getting dry off vitality
sucked of arl McCooliform cunes of d'lim

esmz lets call am Keffon Kaarghdeshyon
scienz di smashiest mega wupazz, toadly.

"The wemon fight for a right to fart in public"
'n imma ramma grandmaster with six PhDs

a seanchaí story house for young A laid Eez
B lads, and when you Cum inside the front

Do the Freak, Spank, and do you the Pump,
and the pushiest MC's trying to prove a point

a treacherous trio serious, the joint laarga
maga maga maga Wan Kei phadazz course,

at all times wid da Berndz, Jendz, Kerndz,
and Kween Kwimmy le fért de tua plus le

Jagashion Tashion Carradishoan Wei
Wan Keia bae tha' Tao be Tai These Are

the days of. Hysterical headlines writing
over the journey Yé duende 'n imbhas

She loving heard stories, heard fables, thank
Yé wicked on the mic and that turntable

this Resistance reporter I do, do, do adore
him. I rocked fourteen funny sad happy mad

live rhymes like I never did before, a record
She said, "damn flyte Wan Kei thank Yúwei

i'm in love with You cossanuva the legend
is true". Mayk luv ti moi, A sed,

"by the way, lady what's Her name?" She
said, "Yé go by the name of Kwim Karedoshian

Lanesbury Villeshireton, and you can be my
boyfriend, please, you surely can, do, do, do

do be my love, but let me just bin off my boy
friend Notzo Supamawhn Té Dichéz neva

lyk'd the worm-sized maggot dert-bord drisac
'im. 'N' I said, "he's a fairy, flytin' through air

in party shopz sexy, cute, and he looks very
like a docker wearing one red the other sock

blue." I said, "you need a man with a hip hop
de hippy do the happy doctorate yeh di habby

graceful eloquence someone with finesse,
a whole shot across the face, letters come

across over through Yé chest deep profoundly
double penetration letters all night long,

and all day following, and after that, the club
party's 'til dawn's early light? This can double

fill up satisfy bust you out super phatz, long
very very penetrative, do go do it, go, do, do

it Yé wei king ego do it, do it, do it. An' Yé

here an' I'm there, bug baaarghdic Wan Kei
every spiritual poo-sting, a learned-craft

annalists double-deep state-penetrations, awen,
Art separations, partings, re turnings, baaagh

blaargh love love life love laffta & le Kwim
Arts Fadashion Karé Mor Mordoshian

& Enkya. A luv Enkya.