Issue 4 Spring / Blue & Yellow Dog Is Up

The latest issue of Blue & Yellow Dog has surfaced close to shore.
Periscope up!

But that's not all...

The most curent print issue (which contains both issues 3 & 4)
will be available sometime in the next few days.

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Hope you all are doing fine.

& as always I am looking for more submissions
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In the meantime have a great springtime!


11/03/2011 (The Red Sun Will Rise Once More....)

Eerily O'reilly something strange and then cartograph
ousted as music your Faustian topography Sunning
Whimsically Proust benign in suffrage cloisters
ravishing Devonian

Sisyphus Cartesian embryonic Catholic preacherman
Causality Utopian Bahia genesis surreptitious
isotropic amino acids scouting perverse logic mammary
viscose bubbling

abstraction carcinogenic mucus product sweeps //arabesque//
foot to star face as visage, coda poco meno mosso Copernicus et Picasso
etre atomic affect consultant choice Delacroix
Excalibur neotopian buziness ma fleur elle conc
sense rebuke reform recapture privileged (es)
sans doubt (rien/tout)

calling out bazuke re domes assess assess a point ceci
red sun a carcinogenic Freudian slip in a paradigm
great waves dream time prefixed spasmodic rhythm en pointe
chassis turn step right per favore and pyramidal arms right a digit

Murmur deuterium nuclear force parallelogram
matrices concision hemispheric rumbling Earth costly
affects cars in the air careering trees spoiled brat
conscious unconscious preconscious paraconscious

broiling fortresses of little monsters a caveat
of unfathomable inhumanity a reasons so insane
hand to mouth reach turn and stare at the audience
//arabesque// colloquialism dada pointing towards
the (abrupt)

Southern Hemisphere We Winter here Nunnery
consumed by Jupiter metronome=80
Mosaic midwifery text message advertising
pornography crushed by water

in this great city a tumultuous sea
crashing through me reining in sunshine
the sky we thought nothing of
and my family straining my eyes my mind

quickly and unexpectedly facing

Simon Harris

Video from BBC


... might be good

opposite ones

(C.Giovannoni, P. Handke, T. Bernhard, me)
blending and photo by guido monte

Die einzige Wahrheit the only truth
ist Schlachthauswahrheit, is the truth
of the slaughterhouse è quella del massacro
das die Welt ist...

but then also
the astounding opposite of it, like a
Traum vom Haus im Hausdream
of home inside home
of skies animals oceans pastelcolours
ma c’è anche il sogno dei colori del mondo

Ikafika sauti ya usiku
Mlio mtamu wa ardhi kachipuka
Mwanga wa mchana unakuchwa
Nakimya, nainama, nasikia.
here’s the voice of night,
sigh of an awakening earth,
soft lighting on the horizon…
silently I lean and listen