"Hannah Crage" (Adam Fieled)

Her metaphor: broken lamp
(of green light, of "in a bedroom",
of "against the wall"). "We",
innocently amazed by what we
burned, to, get, her,
home. Take "me" out: they
said, "ho". Oh, bass awkward...

I eye-handled mannish (bearish)
cod-hands (of iron, soot, silk-
wood), grape-hopes growing
by gapes & bounds (her dream
attic presence extending two,
hurt, grater), oh, how, hole-leave...

oh, ho, ho, oh, hannah, man-
handed back-branded "us-muncher",
it's, tough, lie, kiss. I could ease-a-
leech into her "oh", but I won't,
no, wing, two, well what it's
cuss. Four ones, Mt. Pole must
not be chowdered, a tall...